Vaporesso Replacement Vape Coils

Your vape coil is the most significant component your atomizer.

Vaporesso Replacement Vape Coils are used to heat vape juice for creating vapor you see when you see someone vaping. Housed within the vape tank, an atomizer contains the coil and wick such as cotton or Ceramic which absorbs the e-liquid.

When you are vaping, The coil is powered from the battery that then produces heat and vaporizes e-liquid for your nicotine salts or CBD vape oil. Vaping with a good quality coil is essential to your vaping experience.

We offer GT CORE coils which are available for UK delivery in traditional cotton and signature CCELL Ceramic in different resistances, from the GT 2 all the way up to the GT 8. Gear Up with GT Cores will more than meet your expectations.

CCELL ceramic coils are an innovative technology which will stand out among various e-cig brands on the market, it's sole job is to restore the original smoking taste and more vapor production for your vaping that you originally started with.

When It's time to change your Vaporesso coil you can view our full range available for UK delivery.