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Find an excellent range of variable wattage mods online at NE-Vapes.

Designed for the more advanced vapers, variable wattage mods deliver masses of clouds and rich flavours that you'd see with mechanical mods, but coupled with intelligent vaping modes and safety features. Combined with the right RDA or RTA Vape tank you can get a lot of usage and enjoyment from our range of vape mods.

Pen Kits

Pen vape kits have been around the longest, although they have been around for years they are still highly thought of and sold at a high rate. for most people vaping for the first time on their journey to give up cigarettes this is where they often start before building up to the more high end vape box mods and kits.

Pod Kits

NE-Vapes pod kit collection provides yet more great options for those who might not possess much vaping knowledge but are looking to give up their traditional smoking habit.

A pod kit is a light, portable device which uses pre-filled or refillable pods in place of a standard tank. Pre-filled pods generally contain a high-nicotine or nic salt eliquid, making them a great choice for anyone looking to quit smoking. Some pod kits come with refillable pods which can be filled with your e-liquid of choice and generally perform best with a 50 VG Vape Juice.


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