Replacement Vape Pods

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Replacement Vape Pods are compact and really straightforward to use. They are very popular amongst new vapers as well as more experienced ones alike, there are two main kinds of pods - refillable/open and disposable/closed pods. Disposable pod systems offer vapers the most convenient and ease of use pods, refillable systems offer far more choice of vapor flavours and are usually more cost effective.

When to replace your Vape Pod

When You Get a Burnt or Stale Taste. The most obvious sign that you need to change your vape pod is if you take a puff and you get a burnt or stale taste in your throat.

  • Your Vape Juice is Looking Darker

  • Dry Hits and Less Vapour

  • Little or No Flavour At All

  • Visible Build Up on Your Coil.

We stock an excellent range of both pre-filled and refillable replacement pods.
We have vaping pods from top manufacturers around the world including Aspire , Geekvape, Innokin, Vaporesso and Voopoo all built to the highest standards that you would expect.