Rechargeable Vape Mod Batteries

Rechargeable Vape Batteries From Top Brands

Vape batteries are one of the most important components of your vape mod or ecig as this is what heats up your coil in order for the vape juice to warm up in order for you to get your nicotine.

Many box mod devices and vape kits use Rechargeable batteries, these power sources can be removed and recharged externally. The most common vape battery used is the 18650 battery, which offers a balance of capacity and excellent power.

We also offer more specialist replacement Batteries, focusing on higher power output, as well as those that have a larger capacity so they can be charged less. 

Buy the best replacement vaping batteries from NE-Vapes

We have an extensive range of high quality Rechargeable Vape Mod Batteries for vape devices from leading electronics manufacturers such as AWT, Ijoy, Samsung and many more.

Buy rechargeable Vape Batteries online and get free UK delivery from Our Gateshead Vape Store when spending £30 or more.