Premium Vaping Tanks

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We stock the world’s premium vaping tanks from the worlds best brands of ecig vape tanks from the likes of SmokVaporesso and Horizontech as well as more niche Mod tank brands such as Geekvape

Vape tanks for mods and vape kits

What is a Vape Tank?

Vape tanks are tasked with holding your vape liquid and the element called a coil that heats the liquid up to produce the vapour. Many vape tanks have something called a 510 connector, this is the little piece of threading on the peg at the bottom of the tank. It serves to screw your tank onto your battery and is how charge flows from one to the other. The beauty of this is that many brands have the same 510 connector feature so you can swap out different parts of your vape kit - combining a Smok tank with a Voopoo mod for example.

What type of vape tanks do we offer?

Whether you’re a transitioning smoker or simply prefer a mouth to lung vape we have a broad variety of MTL tanks to choose from. Or for the coil builders and direct to lung vapers we also have a huge variety of sub ohm tanks, RDAs and RTAs.

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