Flavourless Nicotine Shots and Salts

Premium Unflavoured Nic Shots and Salts.

Whether you prefer traditional Flavourless nicotine shots or the now increasingly popular nicotine salts we have something for everyone's vape tastes.

Flavourless Nicotine Shots and Salts for short are small bottles of highly concentrated eliquid. They are frequently sold with a larger bottle of e-liquid known as a shortfill that contains no nicotine at all a liquid is now being sold this way in many countries in order to comply with government regulations prior to these regulations.

Why do you need nicotine shots?

In the UK you are unable to buy vape juice in a larger bottle than 10ml with nicotine already in therefore you need to buy shortfill eliquids and then add your nicotine in yourself.

Huge range of unflavoured Nicotine Shots and Salts

We offer 15mg, 18mg and 20mg Flavourless Nic Shots and Salts that normally come in 10ml bottles that are discreet and don't take very long to add to your shortfill vape juice.

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