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What is CBD wax?

CBD Wax is a form of Cannabis concentrate that has grown in popularity because of its increased concentration of CBD. Since CBD wax is very concentrated, it allows you to receive a high dose of CBD while ingesting less in the process. ... CBD wax is derived from the Hemp plant.

Can I eat CBD wax?

While some forms of wax contain edible elements, we do not suggest ingesting it. If ingestion is your preferred method of consumption, then stick with CBD oil. You can add the oil to your lunch or place a few drops under your tongue and let it dissolve.

How do you use CBD wax dabs?

Dab your CBD Wax Concentrate

Touch your small,very small piece of concentrate against the nail and inhale very,very slowly. Rotate the nail as you inhale so you don't waste any of your concentrate. Don't go too fast because the size of the rig affects how much the vapor cools before it hits your lungs.