What is the difference between MTL tanks and Sub Ohm Tanks

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What is a vape tank?

Vape tanks are tasked with holding your E-Liquid which is commonly known as vape juice and the element which is called a coil that heats the liquid up to produce the vapour.


MTL vs Sub Ohm vape tanks











Many vape tanks have something called a 510 connector, this is the little piece of threading on the peg at the bottom of the tank. It serves to screw your tank onto your battery and is how charge flows from one to the other.

The beauty of this is that many brands have the same 510 connector feature so you can swap out different parts of your vaping kit - such as combining a Geekvape tank with a Horizon falcon tank for example.

How do vape tanks work?

Atomisers which are also referred to as tanks are a big part of your vaping set-up that holds the e-liquid and the coil. Most tanks have a top fill design, meaning you pour e-liquid in through a little slot or around the coil inside.

Once you've filled the tank, the e-liquid saturates your coil. When you inhale to vape or press the firing button (depending on the style of your vape) the battery heats the coil. As the wire or mesh inside the coil gets hot, it warms up the cotton around it to turn your e-liquid into the vapour which you inhale. The vast majority of atomisers have bottom coils, though some have double or top coils.

What is the difference between MTL tanks and Sub Ohm Tanks?

The main difference is the technique that you use to vape. A mouth to lung tank is best for ex-smokers or people just coming off the cigarettes that want something that can be dragged on in the same way you would a traditional cigarette.

You do this by drawing the vapour into your mouth first then down to your lungs, they typically deliver more flavour than dense vapour. Sub Ohm tanks on the other hand are beasts at producing huge amounts of vapour, and come with super low resistance coils (less than one Ohm).

What type of vape tank should I buy?

There are lots of different affordable vape tanks and starter kits available that are designed with new vapers in mind.

We can provide you with basic yet highly-functional entry-level vape tanks that cater to either mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping styles. These will help you get to grips with the practicalities of vaping before you are ready to experiment and start creating your own preferred vaping experience.

Once you have grasped the basics, we're always on hand to help you upgrade your vaping equipment and try something more powerful or a rebuild-able like an RDA or RTA Tank.

What are the best vape tank brands?

We stock all of the top brands such as Aspire, Geekvape, Horizontech, Smok, Vaporesso and many more and all available for fast UK delivery from Our Gateshead vape store.

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