What are Box Mod Vapes

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Box Mods are typically bigger than most other vaporizers. They get their Box Mod name from their box-type shape. They allow vapers to be able to change between different types of atomizers, batteries and tanks. Using a box mod is the best vaporizer for those looking to be able to customize their device. Whether it be switching between the level of intensity of a throat hit or just having an extensive collection of atomizers for different occasions, for example you might want to use your favourite e liquid during the day and then switch to vaping CBD in the evening. Therefore using a box mod offers users to use their vape they way they want to.

Box mods work in a very similar fashion to other vaporizers. It has one to two batteries inside of it that's job is to heats up the coil. The coil is located inside of a separate tank that is attached to the top of the box mod.

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When this coil is heated, a vapor is created that the user then inhales into their lungs. This process can be different depending on what type of atomizer you have attached to the box mod. NE-Vapes have a large catalogue of vape mods for sale for you to chose from with free UK delivery on all of £30 or more.

Box Mod Features

Here We detail a summary of their features, with a more detailed explanation of what they do.

With a Box Mod you will usually be able to control the temperature that the coil burns the E-Liquid.

This temperature regulation allows you to optimize your vaping experience to the way that suits you best. You will never need to worry about getting a throat hit that is too hot or to dry; Box Mods eliminate this possibility by allowing you to take full control over what temperature and how much power your vape is using.

Adjust the Wattage and Power

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Box mods also allow you to take full control of the wattage. Wattage is the amount of power that is produced and sent by the battery to the atomizer. With a higher wattage, the vape will work faster to give the user a more intense vaping experience with a better, smoother throat hit.


Custom Vape Mods

There is no vaping liquid in the box mod vaporizer itself. A detachable tank holds the e-liquid and normally holds between 2ml and 5mls of vape juice. Being able to detach the atomizer allows you to have more potential to customize the box mod. Users can attach huge range of atomizers depending on their personal preference. Different atomizers can produce a different amount of vapor to the user, how much flavour you get from the vapor, and how much liquid can be held.

wotofo sub ohm tanks

Sub ohm vaping is a new and more modern way that is taking the vaping world by storm. With the use of a box mod, users can attach sub-ohm atomizer tank to their mod and experience a new way of vaping. Sub-ohm vaping allows for a greater vapor cloud production and more a intense flavour experience.


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