Ways to make your coil last longer in your vape device

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How can you make your coil last longer in your vape device?

Let’s take a look at ways to to make your vape coil last longer. Vaping has so many benefits compared to smoking cigarettes and obviously from a health perspective it is definitely better not just for health reasons but for costs as well. Other benefits are that it is more social, does not smell bad and of course, it is more economical and less harmful for your lungs.

5 useful tips increase coil life in your Vaping device

Prices can soon add up though and my fellow vapers because I know you love to save money where you can I’ve been looking at ways to save cash whilst vaping.

For those who vape with the right knowledge of how to extend the life of your coils can be a huge help financially.

Coils typically last from a week up to a month however, there are things you can do to help extend the life of your coils. It is worth taking the time to make these small efforts as they will save you a fair bit of money in the long run.

  • Clean your coil – lots of people clean the vape tank and neglect their coil. With just a little of warm water you can clear the gunk away and help it last that bit longer. When it comes to Vape coils our UK vape shop carries a diverse range of vaping coils and warm water will help a lot when cleaning your coils properly. 

  • Some people do dry burn it or clean it, but you must be careful you don’t damage the coil in this way so sticking to warm water is a much safer bet in the long term.

  • At NE-Vapes there are a range of e-liquids you can buy with lots of different flavours. The sweeter the flavour  the more likely you are to get a build-up of gunk on the coil from the artificial sweeteners, so this is something else to bear in mind if you are trying to save some money on replacing coils.

  • Buy from a reputable shop and perhaps shop around and experiment a little too until you are happy with what you are doing. Good quality coils rather than cheaper versions can be a good investment as sometimes buying cheap can end up being the same as buying twice. You need them to work and to last. Do look for reputable sellers and perhaps try a few until you know you are happy.

  • Make sure you have enough e-juice in your vape tank as taking dry hits will ruin a coil.

  • Allowing your coil to cool down between hits will also avoid you vaping dry and help protect your coil.

I hope the above tips will help extend the life of your coil.

Do you vape?

If you do and you have any hints or tips on how to save money vaping, please share them in the comments section below. After all, we all love to save money where we can!


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