How To Start Vaping - Beginners Guide

How to start vaping

If you want to stop smoking and make the switch to vaping our guide gives you the basics on vaping and ecigarettes, including how ecigs work and the different parts of an electronic cigarette.  

How do you Vape

If you’ve decided to try and switch to vaping it may all seem a bit of a mine field to begin with, but it’s quite straightforward once you get the hang of it. Here at NE-Vapes we introduce you to the basics of what an ecigarette is, how they work, how to use a vaping device and also what is actually in the product.

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The Basics of Vaping

In our vaping for beginner's guide you'll find everything you need about how to vape. Whether it’s an e-cig starter kit or something more advanced. An e-cigarette is ultimately made up of the same parts. To vape, you need a battery, a tank, or similar to hold the e-liquid, a heating element, and a mouthpiece. They are known by different names too – vapor mods, vaping kits, or a simple, basic e-cigarette.

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In the same way water becomes steam, the liquid in an ecigarette – known as e-liquid or vape juice – it is heated by the coil until it becomes vapour. This vapour is inhaled, in a similar way that a smoker inhales smoke from a cigarette but without the tar.

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When you press the button on an ecigarette, the vape battery will send the power through a metal coil which acts as the heating element. A wicking material loaded with e-liquid runs through to the centre of the coil and as the coil gets hotter the eliquid flavours evaporate – turning from a liquid into a vapour.

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The vapour is then drawn through the drip tip and you’re vaping. That's how you vape, it's as simple as one, two, three.

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